After so many years of having coffee as one of the most important sources of energy, it was a mind-blowing feeling to see I no longer needed it. Everything that was my mindset based on suddenly became the core engine of any of my creative and non-creative processes.

But why…

“Where’s my heart” project featuring Gloria Grinceac

During a worldwide crisis, many of us had to deal with a difficult part of their lives: themselves. And I’m using “difficult” to describe how unusual it is for us to actually do it and not just plan on working or acknowledging it as something that needs more attention.


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The hard part of overcoming old patterns isn’t changing them.

It’s the moment you realize how harmful they are for your present and future self, and not being able to do something about it.

To understand the steps you need to make in order to change them, you first have…

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For a big part of our lives, we will face moments when all we desire is the ability to be someone different than we already are.

It’s no news that we often spend our days daydreaming about being in a different place or enjoying the result of our multiple years…

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I am now a college drop-out trying to find a job in the creative field. Full of ideas and motivation, I try my best to build the mindset of a successful college drop-out.

And I can truly tell you, from the point of view of an ex-computer science student that…

The story behind every progress

A month after I decided to drop out of college I have finally figured out what creative path to choose.

It wasn’t like anything I did before, and I was sure from the beginning that it wasn’t going to be simple at all.

The process…

Nothing but the truth

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It felt so unusual of me not to be able to do it anymore.

Every time I was trying, it felt like a constant failure.

Then I stopped for few months and went back to graphic design.

I bought a graphic tablet and started putting out…

There is no single day when I can focus 100% on one single task, and here’s what I do to make it work for me and not against me.

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For the past 3 years, I have started to work on my productivity to find a better mindset to use in…

It’s not about the quality but the emotion and message

Cristina Mihai shot by me

When I bought my first and current DSLR camera I didn’t really knew what to expect from photography. This happened almost 3 years ago, in 2017, after I’ve worked 3 months as a full time beach-boy to make enough money…

Stefan Lobont

Hi, I’m Stefan. College droput passionate about storytelling through visual arts, writing and cybersecurity.

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